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Errol H Renaud from Trinidad & Tobago is a pioneer of Caribbean music in the Australian, Asian and Pacific regions. He first came to Australia with Amral’s Trinidad Cavaliers during their world tour. He has performed in over twenty five different countries worldwide, in the Caribbean, Australia, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific, including places like India, Germany, Japan, Egypt, China and Cuba for the Festival del Caribe, festival of fire.

The band is based in Sydney, Australia playing a brand of original music with a rich Caribbean flavour, a taste of conscious lyrics spiced up with Soca, Reggae and fused with funky and exotic world beats

Errol Renaud has released two singles entitled “Feel our Feel” and “Carnival Dance” and six albums on CD: “Soca Man”, “Judge Me Not”, “The Message”, “Panlove” featuring the Steelpan the only acoustic instrument to be invented in the 20th century, Errol H Renaud ‘Live” a CD commemorating a ten year Sunday residency at the Narrabeen Sands Hotel and TBR his latest recording released 2011.

Errol Renaud & band Caribbean Soul is a versatile 4 to 7 piece band.